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I am new to monitoring. Is MonitLab for me?

If you have one or more websites or servers, you can benefit from a high quality monitoring service, such as MonitLab.

We believe MonitLab is your best bet if you're just getting started with monitoring.

Thanks to our automatic checks setup wizards, you'll be monitoring dozens of important services related to your website in a matter of minutes - even things that you didn't imagine you should monitor.

What can MonitLab do for me?

MonitLab can monitor your websites (HTTP, HTTPS), your server's network connectivity (using ICMP/PING packets), TCP/UDP services, DNS and domain-related things, mail servers, custom services and more.

Thanks to our support for custom checks the effective answer to this question is actually: MonitLab can monitor anything you can think of.

Why should I perform server monitoring or website monitoring?

So that you can start feeling at peace, knowing that as long as you haven't received a notification everything is functioning correctly.
The more services you monitor, the more failure scenarios you'll cover and the more at peace you will feel.

Customers themselves can let you know if something is failing (or you can find out for yourself sooner or later), but that means downtime is going to be much longer and more people will be affected.

If minimizing downtime and affected customers count is important, you'd better discover problems earlier.

Do I need to install any software?


MonitLab performs all its checks from outside. We don't ask you to put any custom software on your server.

What kind of notifications can I receive?

You can receive email messages and SMS messages.

The notification schedule (when to receive notifications) can be configured per type and per person.
Some people on your team may wish to receive SMS messages at night, others not.

We're working on adding support for Twitter direct-messages and other types. If you have other needs, feel free to contact us.

I currently run my own monitoring system. Is MonitLab better?

We believe so. Take a look at our overcoming false positives, automated checks setup and custom checks articles for more information.

Can I try MonitLab for free?


You can use MonitLab on our Demo plan for 15 days and decide whether you want to pay for it later.
We don't ask for a credit card or any personal information.

The Demo plan is not fully-featured, but good enough to show you what MonitLab can do for you.

Can I reset the statistics for a host?

Not really.

We measure uptime and report it as is. You can think of us as an independent trustworthy entity that reports the data in its untouched form. No cheating.

That said, you can always delete the service (or the host that it belongs to) and add it again, effectively starting from scratch.

Where can I find a list with all IPs for MonitLab servers?

We don't maintain such a list yet, as we're continuously adding new servers (in different geographic areas).
In general, you shouldn't need to write any logic that deals with IP addresses.

Certain types of checks necessitate that you know the IP address of the server that will be monitoring you.
For those types of checks, we give you the IP address of the server on the add check page.

What time zone is used for alerts and reports?

We use a different timezone for different contacts (people on your team).

That means that some can be in one timezone, while others are in a different one. We use each person's timezone and notify them according to their personal notification schedule.

The MonitLab user-interface works the same way - each user account can have its own (different) timezone. All dates are converted to that timezone automatically.

I want to monitor stuff on a private network. How?

If the things you wish to monitor are not on the internet, but only accessible from your private network, you can't easily monitor them using MonitLab now.

We can set up a private monitoring node on your network, however, and enable you to do that.
If this is something that you're interested in, contact us.

I am using a weird technology. Can MonitLab do monitoring for me?


We can monitor your website or server, no matter what technology you use behind the scenes to power it.

How do I cancel my account?

Contact us with your request to cancel your account and we'll delete all traces of it ever existing.