DNS monitoring

DNS monitoring is helpful whenever you run your own DNS server or when you rely on someone else for your DNS needs. In both cases, it's good to measure the quality of the domain name hosting service.

We provide 3 different types of Domain-Name-System-related monitoring:


DNS lookup monitoring


MonitLab can periodically check if a domain name resolves to the correct IP address.

You can use this type of check to ensure that your DNS hosting provider is doing its job. It would also catch unintentional mis-configuration, should it ever happen to you.


DNS server monitoring


This type of check is intended for whoever needs to monitor their own DNS server (such as BIND).

DNS server monitoring is similar to the DNS lookup monitoring check discussed above, with the following differences:

  • it supports forward lookups (domain to IP address) as well as reverse-lookups (IP address to domain name - PTR lookups)
  • you specify exactly which server to query (MonitLab talks directly to your DNS server)
  • you're given the list of IP addresses MonitLab will query from, so you can whitelist them in your DNS server's configuration

The last point is important, because DNS servers are traditionally locked down and don't perform recursive lookups for external clients. By giving you a list of IP addresses to whitelist, you can keep your DNS server locked down and still benefit from DNS server monitoring.



Domain name expiration monitoring


Ever had a domain name expire on you unexpectedly? Maybe you didn't get a renewal notification from the registar. Maybe they're one of the few registars that don't send one. Maybe it went to your Spam folder.

There's so many automated systems that rush to buy your domain as soon as you slip up and allow it to expire. You then have to buy your domain name back from them, which is terribly expensive blackmail.

With MonitLab's domain name expiration monitoring service, you can't ever miss on renewing your domain on time.