Nagios compatibility

Thanks to MonitLab's Nagios compatibility, it's fairly easy to replace that old Nagios monitoring solution with a superior monitoring system.

If you've already started with your own self-hosted monitoring solution (like Nagios) and want to alleviate the pain of using it, while still keeping some of the benefits, we're here to help.

MonitLab has Nagios NRPE checks support. NRPE checks are an alternative to custom checks, in case you prefer them or you've already started with Nagios.

Our different check types (like website monitoring, network monitoring, DNS monitoring, custom checks, etc.) combined with our Nagios NRPE monitoring support should let you upgrade to MonitLab's superior service.

What you're going to get out of using MonitLab is:

  • not having to maintain your own monitoring system
  • no false positives
  • metric graphing of all monitoring check results (including Nagios NRPE checks)
  • easier check setup (including automated monitoring setup)
  • a nice management interface - no more configuration file editing or dealing with obscure user-interfaces
  • more notification options - we support email & SMS delivery and will be adding support for additional methods