Website monitoring

Is your website working at this very moment? We sure know.

Our website monitoring service checks your website's status and alerts you within seconds of failure.

Things we check:

Website operations status



We do standard HTTP checks and can ensure that your website is serving content, as well as validating whether that content is what you expect. No need to install anything.



Pick exactly where you want us to monitor from



You pick which location (or multiple locations) should be monitoring your website. MonitLab diligently checks from all selected locations at the same time and determines the final (representative) check result. Learn more about this in our overcoming false positives article.



Competitor monitoring systems provide useless results (averages)



Our competitors boast about monitoring from tens of different locations. This is misleading, in that they do have many check locations, but you don't get monitored from all of them at the same time. Using competitor systems means that your website is being checked from a different place each minute and the results are later averaged, giving you a meaningless final value.


We do things right!


We have completely separate monitoring data from each location



We check, measure and plot graphs separately for each location and give you meaningful results (e.g.: your website responds in: 10ms from Tokyo, 180ms from London and doesn't work at all in San Francisco).


You can check your website's status from a few of our locations using our demo tool.

HTTPS? Are your SSL certificates OK?


Do you have an ecommerce/banking or other application that runs over the secure HTTPS protocol?



We can do additional checks to make sure your SSL certificates are OK and are not expiring soon.


Way too many online services, including popular important ones, have failed to renew their SSL certificates on time. The popular jQuery CDN hosting service failed to do it, leading to downtime for thousands of websites.



They only have to live with the shame of letting something like this happen. Thankfully, they had thousands of developers complaining about their broken websites, doing what a monitoring system would have prevented. In a better world, something like this doesn't need to happen and no one needs to complain.


Please, make sure to set up an SSL check for your HTTPs website, so you don't have to lose face or money.

You can check your website's SSL certificate status using our demo tool.